Operations team trip to India

At the Start of March 2023 members of our Operations team made the trip to Kolkata, India to visit Electrosteel Headquarters.

Gary Doolin (Head of Operations), Nathan Young (Operations Supervisor) and Kyle Wilkinson (Pipe Yard Supervisor) made the trip to enhance their knowledge of how our product is made and the logistics of how it goes from a raw material to the finished product which arrives in the UK.

Their trip started at the foundry in Khardah, where they watched the process of how our fittings and pipes are created. Molten Iron is poured into moulds to form the shape of each individual fitting. The pipes are centrifugally spun from molten iron at high speeds to create the recognisable cylindrical shape.

They also visited our Haldia plant located outside of Kolkata to watch the manufacturing and packing of flanges and fittings for the UK market. Followed by the coating plants at Khardah, and finally a visit to Bansberia coating plant where all the UK destined ductile iron pipes are coated and loaded for shipment.

Our team had the chance to have face to face visits with their international colleagues.

Nathan commented “It was great meeting with our colleagues from India who we had only communicated over emails and phone calls prior. We had the chance to form working relationships which will only improve our communication going forward.”

This was the most recent of regular trips our UK team undertake to India to continually learn and build relationships to improve our products and service for our customers