Our EN 545 pipe range is fully compliant to the latest EN 545 standard and is DWI approved for use in the UK market for clean (drinking) water usage


EN 545 pipework (and fittings) can also be used for:

  • Raw water applications
  • Hydro-electricity
  • Fire mains
  • Irrigation
  • Snow making


EN 545 ‘Electrofresh Plus’ Pipe

Electrofresh Plus has the addition of an internal epoxy seal coat applied on top of the applied cement mortar lining. It is available in the size ranges DN 80 to DN 1000 mm and used extensively in the UK water industry. This pipe is fully approved for use with drinking water under UK Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations.


EN 545 ‘Electrofresh’ Pipe

The Electrofresh cement mortar lined potable water pipe in DN 80 to DN 1000 mm is compliant to the latest EN 545 Standard and is predominately used throughout the European and World markets, it is also DWI approved for use with drinking water under UK Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations.




Protection and linings


Internal Linings

The internal cement mortar lining is sulphate resisting blast furnace slag cement in accordance with BS 197-1 and approved by WRAS under the BS 6920 Tests on Effect on Water Quality. In addition to this lining an epoxy seal coat is applied to the cement mortar lining (minimum 50μm) under factory conditions with tight controls over the process parameters. The Electrofresh Plus pipe lining system controls both inorganic and organic leachates to within exceptionally low levels and reduces ‘spikes’ in pH that can occur in soft water areas or areas with high residence times.


External Protection

The external protection system consists of a Zinc Aluminium (ZnAl) coating which increases the longevity of both the active and barrier protection of the pipe and is applied with a minimum mass of 400 g/m2. A finishing top coat of blue epoxy with a minimum thickness of approx. 100μm in accordance with the EN 545 standard requirements provides a durable, robust protection during handling and installation.


Further Protection

In more aggressive soil conditions a range of additional protection systems are available including the application of tape wrapping at either 25mm or 55% overlap dependent on soil conditions and our recent addition of external PU coatings

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