Our EN 598 pipe range is fully compliant to the latest EN 598 standard and is supplied predominantly for sewage and drainage applications


EN 598 pipework (and fittings) can also be used for:

  • Drainage applications
    – Surface water
    – Foul water
    – Brackish water
  •  Industrial waste water
  •  Sea water transportation


EN 598 Sewer Pipe

Electrosteel EN 598 Pipes are manufactured in DN 80 to DN 1000 mm in accordance with the latest EN 598 Standard. Internally lined with a High Alumina cement mortar lining the pipes are classified as ‘Pressure Class’ according to the prevailing standard.

Protection and linings


Internal Linings

The internal bore of the pipe is lined with High Alumina Cement (HAC) which allows for extreme operating conditions experienced with domestic and certain industrial effluents from pH 4 (highly acidic) through to pH 12 (highly alkaline). High Alumina Cement linings offer excellent resistance to septic and chemical attack and excellent resistance to abrasion.


External Protection

The external protection system consists of a Zinc Aluminium (ZnAl) coating which increases the longevity of both the active and barrier protection of the pipe and is applied with a minimum mass of 400 g/m2. A finishing layer of red epoxy coating applied with a minimum thickness of approx. 100μm in accordance with EN 598 standard provides the final barrier of protection.


Further Protection

In more aggressive soil conditions a range of additional protection systems are available including the application of tape wrapping at 25mm or 55% overlap dependent on soil conditions and our recent addition of external PU coatings


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