The Electrolock system offers a high pressure yet completely robust restrained solution, and combined with
an ease of installation, this results in overall construction cost savings per joint made.

The self-restrained joint employs a double chamber socket; one chamber utilising a standard push fit gasket for the sealing mechanism, and the other chamber providing for the anchorage mechanism that involve a series of specially designed locking segments.

Basic features:
  • Can withstand very high pressure.
  • Double chamber – one for sealing and the other for restraining axial movement.
  • Standard push fit joint gasket for the sealing mechanism.
  • Weld bead and locking segments for restraint mechanism.
  • After assembly, the locking segments in parts are to be inserted in the restraining chamber. Under pressure the weld bead on the spigot engages the locking segments in the socket preventing joint separation.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble when required.
  • Completely negates the need for expensive concrete thrust blocks and expansive excavations.
  • Removal of concrete thrust blocks significantly reduces CO2 emissions.
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