We offer UK based
Steel fabrication services

At a time when manufacture of Ductile Iron pipes and fittings takes place outside of the UK Electrosteel Castings (UK) Ltd recognise the need to provide a comprehensive Pipework package to our customers that enable an ‘alternative’ solution to be offered in instances of where only ‘short lead times’ are available.


Equally we recognise that in certain applications a steel fabricated pipework solution may offer greater flexibility for example where space may be tight or special configurations are required.


Typical examples include flanged pipes, bends, tees, crosses and ‘y’ pipes, to name a few. The advantage of our steel fabrication pipework is that we can work with you to offer greater flexibility where space may be tight or special configurations may be required.


With the flexibility that fabricating steel provides we are able to manufacture items to suit any site dimensions or customer requirement including:

  • Flanged Pipes
  • Bends
  • Tees
  • Crosses
  • Reducers (Concentric and Eccentric)
  • Bellmouths
  • ‘Y’ Pipes
  • Hatchboxes
  • Manifolds

Welding Standards

Products are fabricated in accordance with BS EN 10311 & BS EN 10224, with welding procedures in accordance with BS EN ISO 15614 pt 1 and welder approval to BS EN ISO 9606 pt 1.

Product Testing

All fabricated pipeline products are hydrostatically tested to the relevant test pressure. Any other test pressure requirements can be accomodated upon request.


In addition we provide a range of fully approved coatings that meet all major standards including Regulation 31 of the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations. These include Fusion Bonded Epoxy, Resicoat R4, Rilsan etc. and wherever required full test and approvals certificates are available and can be supplied.

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